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Zirconium Disc

Zirconium Disc is a sound track consisting solely of emotions. 60 minutes of the best melodies that will not leave anyone indifferent. Zirconium disk based on a series of musical experience Pandora series. Zirconia disk can cure you from most diseases and ailments . He is able to lead a normal mental state of your wife , and even her mother . If you drink a little vodka and turn your speakers at maximum capacity , you will begin to rapidly lose weight. Zirconia disc approved by the Ministry of Health of the planet Naboo. Zirconium Disk has no contraindications and side effects and is spreading by thanks. Join the movement Zirconium in social media. Zirconium disc can be downloaded in the media section

Download TouchOSC

These are template files and configuration files for TouchOSC. They will help you turn your iPhone or iPad into a full midi controller . However, with a slight difference , and this difference distinguishes it from the "iron" brethren. The advantage is that you can in just one click convert your mobile device under a variety of tasks under the tasks you face at the moment. Your mobile device can work as a mixing console in the studio or just control the values vst and vsti. So you can turn it into a DJ console for your own live performance in the club. This file includes all of these features . Buying these templates TouchOSC you save a lot of money for the purchase of a package of iron analogs that become obsolete in the eyes . But most importantly you get maximum mobility . This set includes a mixing console for your sequencer , drum pad and sampler for live performances , the controller for Traktor including file mapping. TouchOSC defined by programs for creating and processing of music as the most common "iron " midi- controller, which means it operates completely with all sequencers

About Pandora

Pandora project started in 2008 and its first part was called Pandora White . Since it was released 4 mix series Pandora - White , Red , Yellow, Green . All mixes consist one hundred percent of the emotions , feelings and experiences. Pandora is a music store of works from talented artists. At the moment, serie s of Pandora is complete, but is available for free download. Time ZIRCONIUM DISK!

Download Music



MicroArtist - Zirconium Disc

MicroArtist - Zirconium disc by MicroArtist on Mixcloud


MicroArtist - Green Pandora

MicroArtist - Pandora (Green) by Microartist on Mixcloud

01 Fishtank - The Eighty Eight
02 Homework - Whipped cream
03 Frivolous - Bats at twilight
04 Damabiah - Sur les genoux D'lautomne
05 The Viewers - Streethorn
06 Sander Van Doorn - Daisy
07 Breakfast - Slow motion (Breakfast rmx)
08 Politeca - What Kind Of World Do You Want
09 Zomby - Digital Fauna
10 M83 - Fields, shorelines and hunters

MicroArtist - Yellow Pandora

01 Matzak - Magneto
02 Marcus Schossow & Thomas Sagstad - Spring break hook up
03 Mischa Daniels - Run away
04 Andy Duguid feat Julie Thompson - Falling
05 Cerf Mitiska and Jaren - Saved again
06 Johnwaynes - Libertango
07 ENOLA - Words in a bottle (Rodriguez Junior rmx)
08 Dusty Kid - Nemur (Walls of guitars Extended version)

MicroArtist - Red Pandora

01 Yenn - What i feel
02 Jonas Steur feat. Julie Thompson - Cold winds
03 Criss source Pres. High rollers - Fortuna
04 Noy and NV - Ocean drive (Topher Jones rmx)
05 Jonas Steur - Simple pleasures
06 Marco V - Unprepared
07 Mark Norman - Be with u (Three drives rmx)
08 Topcats - Esmeralda (Der Dritte Raum rmx)
09 The Killers - Spaceman (SvD alternative mix)

MicroArtist - White Pandora

01 Umek - Ricochet Effect
02 Justin Xara feat Aiste Smilga - Strazdas
03 Robert Babicz - Dark Flower (Joris voorn rmx)
04 Moonbeam - Stay With Me
05 Breakfast - The air between
06 Jerry Ropero Feat. Cozi - The Storm
07 Moonbeam & Tyler Michaud feat Fisher - Love never dies
08 Gui Boratto & Martin Eyerer - The island

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