Download TouchOSC

These are template files and configuration files for TouchOSC. They will help you turn your iPhone or iPad into a full midi controller. However, with a slight difference, and this difference distinguishes it from the «iron» brethren.
The advantage is that you can in just one click convert your mobile device under a variety of tasks under the tasks you face at the moment. Your mobile device can work as a mixing console in the studio or just control the values vst and vsti. So you can turn it into a DJ console for your own live performance in the club. This file includes all of these features. Buying these templates TouchOSC you save a lot of money for the purchase of a package of iron analogs that become obsolete in the eyes. But most importantly you get maximum mobility. This set includes a mixing console for your sequencer, drum pad and sampler for live performances, the controller for Traktor including file mapping.
TouchOSC defined by programs for creating and processing of music as the most common «iron» midi-controller, which means it operates completely with all sequencers.